Lion DiskMaker is dead… Long live DiskMaker X !

On October 23, 2013, in Lion Diskmaker, by Guillaume Gète

Finally… It’s THERE! The next generation Lion DiskMaker is available as a final version, with no bugs (AH AH AH that was a good joke).

But it’s feature-complete, it’s been tested on the four last OS versions (from 10.6.8 to 10.9), and it has lots of nice features in it :

  • Mavericks support. Of course. You’ll need the full OS X Install app though, the InstallESD.DMG alone is not supported anymore. It still retains compatibility with 10.7 and 10.8.
  • It auto-detects if a connected disk has already been built using a previous version of Lion DiskMaker. Want to upgrade your previous USB thumb drive ? Connect it, launch Lion DiskMaker, bim, automatic detection. But you can still change it of course.
  • It warns you when a new major OS version is available, and even opens the App Store for you if you wish. So that you can always have an up-to-date version.
  • And it warns you when a new version is available.

But another main, new feature is that…

Lion DiskMaker is dead.

You see, Apple decided that the big-cat scheme was not possible to use anymore, and they decided to move to something else (California places of interest). And Lion DiskMaker was still Lion DiskMaker while it was dealing with Mountain Lion. Made it weird for many people. Though I really liked the name, it was time for a change.

Which is why I decided to rename Lion DiskMaker…

DiskMaker X

And it has a wonderful new icon, thanks to Benjamin Renaut !


I see what you did there…

It has the power of the waves from Mavericks, and still has this big cat thing in it. I loved the previous icon, but I really love this one too. And I hope you’ll like the new Lion DiskMaker DiskMaker X as I do.

A few points :

  • Localizations are still missing for some languages. At this time only English, French (eh eh), Italian and Brazilian are available. More languages to come soon, the translators are hard at work right now 🙂
  • DiskMaker X is now available as a DMG. Copy the app in your /Applications folder after opening the DMG.
  • If you want support, don’t be shy to ask on Twitter. You can also go on the Facebook page, or get in touch by mail. But I’m more of a Twitter guy.

You can download DiskMaker X here (4 MB download), as a DMG file. And yes, it looks gorgeous too.




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