If you need support, please check the FAQ. Most of the common issues are  listed there.

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HELP! I found a bug!

Sorry you had a problem with DiskMaker X. To help me to understand your issue, I need a bit more input from your side, especially your version of OS X which is running DiskMaker X.

Having more debug info may help also tremendously to fix problems faster. So if you have a few minutes, please:

– Open Script Editor (sometimes named Applescript Editor) in /Applications/Utilities folder ;

– Drag  DiskMaker X’s icon on Script Editor’s icon in the Dock (it will display its code);

– Click on View menu > Show Event log (if it’s checked, don’t uncheck it).

– Press the Execute button.

When the error message happens, please go back in AppleScript Editor, copy the contents of the zone below the Replies button, and send it by e-mail.


Send the lower part of the window, not the upper part!

Then I will be able to analyze what happens.

If none works, please send an e-mail to :


I try to answer to every problem within 24 hours.