Please note that I won’t work on DiskMaker X anymore, as explained here. However, if you liked to use DiskMaker X in the past years and still want to show some token of gratitude, you can still send a donation.

DiskMaker X is donationware. If you like it, you can make a small (or huge 😉 ) donation using PayPal :

If you hate Paypal, but still want to show your support, you can also pay with Bitcoins by sending money to my wallet : 1MWczgZ5Q9MayPt4DR9vCFTwz74686AkV4

If both solution are not an option for you, please get in touch so we can find a solution.

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  5. Homepage says:

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  8. […] For already quite some macOS versions you don’t get or buy a physical macOS installation medium, but offers Apple the possibility to download a version of macOS via the App Store and then you can install a new version via the downloaded package. But this assumes you have a working system. But sometimes you don’t have a working system and no possibility to download a macOS installation package. Or what if there is an internet connection problem? Isn’t it safer and more convenient to have for example a USB (or Thunderbolt) drive with a version of macOS that you can boot from to start the installation process? Well there are multiple ways to create a bootable macOS installation drive. One of the options is via a relatively simple command line via the Terminal. In a future article I will explain how to create a bootable drive via a Terminal command, but in this article I want to show a more user friendly and less tech savvy way. DiskMaker is in my opinion the best and most simple app to create a bootable macOS drive and the nice thing is that it is absolutely free. But I think that a nice application like this deserves some love for the creator, so if you feel the same, think about a small donation and go to […]