About DiskMaker X and macOS Big Sur

On November 11, 2020, in Blog, by Guillaume Gète

Well, the writing was on the wall for a while. Apple did not make things easy with AppleScript and using external disks with the last release of macOS, and I’ve been unable to fix the bugs that prevent DiskMaker X to create a Catalina disk when already running Catalina (though it works quite well when running on Mojave).

I had a few hopes that thing would look a bit easier for macOS Big Sur, but they sure don’t look better at all. Though using the createinstallmedia command works fine from the Terminal, managing to embed it in a meaningful and easy-to-use way seems impossible for me now.

Besides, I’ve been working on a lot of other projets in the last years, my own company needs me a lot more, and I feel I went from a fun project for something that seemed to be a life-changer (ok, maybe not that big, but still quite big) tool for many of you, and I’m really, really happy for this.

And to be honest, I got a bit tired in the last years to fight the new bugs that Apple introduce with each annual release, and this annual rythm became really daunting. I’ve been working on DiskMaker X for 9 years, it became quite a beast, and… I’m still not a programmer, having no time to learn real coding. Some people have managed to make better products, and probably other cool tools will come soon.

So, it’s time to move on. I won’t try to work on a new version of DiskMaker X compatible with macOS Big Sur, and I won’t work on DiskMaker X in the future, except maybe for fixing some glaring issues. What is now sure is that DiskMaker X won’t become DiskMaker XI. I may open its source code though, if some people want to lose their time on it. Not sure yet about this. Maybe with a full team helping, DiskMaker X could have been enhanced in other ways, but I’ve always been better working as a lone wolf, so…

Finally, I just want to thank everyone who used DiskMaker X, who sent congrat messages and/or donations, and also thank those who helped making it a better product. Nine years later, I am still amazed that what I worked on as a pet project became a piece of software used by hundred of thousands of people all around the world (if you want to know more about the story of DiskMaker X, just watch this). And I’ll always be proud to be a part of the awesome Mac community, as I’ve been for almost 25 years.

See you soon on another MacOS!



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