DiskMaker X 9 for macOS Catalina now available

On November 24, 2019, in Blog, by Guillaume Gète

DiskMaker X 9 for macOS Catalina is now available to everyone, to help you build a macOS Catalina disk on an external drive!

A few new stuff in this version

  • Now notarized for macOS Catalina!
  • New icons and Catalina backgrounds!
  • Now warns properly that DiskMaker X needs at least a 16 GB thumb drive. Previous version was keeping the 8GB limit, but it failed as the macOS Catalina Install app is too big to fit in 8 GB (that’s what happens when you add 1 GB of desktop pictures in your OS for 5K displays…).
  • A few other bugs should have been squashed, hopefully.
  • Improved French localization.

BTW, the localizations have been lagging in the past years due to many factors, so if you are interested to translate DiskMaker X in other languages, please drop a line!

DiskMaker X direct download link (6 MB)

SHA-1 Checksum: 87d92610155135621014afefa88d8b6c9ad5f0ed


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