• Compatible with macOS Catalina Install app
  • Notarized for use with macOS Catalina
  • Updated the minimail USB thumb drive requirement (now 16 GB)
  • Updated French localization
  • Updated icon and background pictures


  • Compatible with macOS Catalina Install app


  • Every time DiskMaker X 8.0.2 was launched, it said a new version was available. Fixed.


  • Every time DiskMaker X 8.0.2 was launched, it said a new version was available. Fixed.


  • Resolves some issues when launching the app due to lack of codesigning.


  • Fix for more of the {425, 76} issues
  • New icon !
  • Dark mode support (sort of) ^^


  • First release with macOS Mojave support.
  • Added a README file to warn of issues when running DiskMaker X in macOS Mojave.


  • Many fix for infamous errors, especially  The disk could not be created because of an error: An error occured: -10006. Finder got an error: Can’t set alias \”Install macOS High Sierra:Install macOS High Sierra.app\” to {425, 76}.”. Many thanks to Louis Chrétien for fixing this one, probably one of the biggest issues with this version of DiskMaker X!
  • The building disk process was displaying sometimes waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many notifications. Now the improved process will display a lot less notifications. Thanks again to Louis Chrétien for fixing this part of the app.
  • Fixed many glaring issues with the icon naming.
  • Made the process to get the full macOS version a lot sturdier.
  • Added localization again, but these may not be complete, except for French. Because we won the World Cup, eh (just kidding). If you want to help with localization, please drop me a line.


  • Initial release. Now only compatible to build macOS High Sierra Install disks.


  • The Installer disk was most of the time not visible in Startup disk System Preference. Fixed (thanks to Eric Knobbe @EricFromCanada).
  • Updated icon for OS X El Capitan install disks.


  • Creating a boot disk failed when the user’s home folder was not on startup disk. Fixed.
  • Added a bit more logging. You can check the logs in ~/Library/Logs/DiskMakerX.log.
  • Added Turkish translation, thanks to Sanberk Zülfikar.
  • Added German translation, thanks to Ralph Cyranka.


  • Compatible with OS X 10.11 El Capitan!
  • Compatible OS X 10.10 and OS X 10.9 install apps.
  • Removed compatibility with OS X 10.8 install app.
  • Now using exclusively Apple’s createinstallmedia command to vastly improve the process of building a disk.
  • Performance improvement
  • Removed the “Check if another newer OS is available”. Never worked properly anyway…
  • Removed some errors in localization files
  • New translations available:
    • Japanese, thanks to Masa Taka.
    • Brasilian (Portuguese), thanks to Paulo Neto.
    • Dutch, thanks to Jeroen van Keulen.
    • French, thanks to me 🙂


b5 is the last one of the betas for V4, which might not have a full release. It is compatible with OS 10.8, 10.9 and 10.10 installers.


A few bug fixes, especially a bug (error -10006) which happens at the end of the process (it seemed to touch especially non-English or non-French users).

More localizations:

  • Spanish, thanks to Fernando-Juan Santos;
  • German, thanks to  Léo Pittoni;
  • Italian, thanks to Nicola Castaman;
  • Japanese, thanks to Masa Taka;
  • Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Paulo Neto.

v3.0.3 – 14/11/2013

  • 3.0.2 was pulled very fast because of  some annoying bugs. 3.0.3 restores an (almost) functional environment.

v3.0.2 – 13/11/2013

  • No more error message when trying to rename a 10.7 or 10.8 Install disk.
  • Other bug fixes
  • Simplified some parts of the code.

v3.0.1 – 27/10/2013

  • Sometimes the process went fine all along, but the disk did not appear in Startup disk Preference or at startup when pressing the Option key. Fixed. (I explain how here).
  • If you try to build a Mavericks installer from 10.6.X, you are now warned that it won’t work.
  • I disabled the warning which appeared early stating that a newer version was available. People wondered why it appeared when they had the Installer in their /Applications folder…
  • Better handling of errors when the InstallESD.dmg file is damaged/corrupted.

v3.0 – 23/10/2013

  • Lion DiskMaker is now DiskMaker X !
  • And it has a brand new cool icon !
  • Mavericks compatible. Yeah baby !
  • Automatically checks if a new version of OS X is available on the App Store, allowing to have an always up-to-date OS X boot disk.
  • Automatically checks if a new DiskMaker X version is available.
  • New auto-detect feature detects if a disk was previously built with Lion DiskMaker, selecting it automatically when building the disk.
  • No more DVD support. DVDs are soooooo 2000.
  • Many bugs corrected.
  • New bugs added. Just for fun.

v2.0.2 – 01/06/2013

  • Fixed a bug which could prevent mounting the InstallESD.dmg file. This should prevent some hdiutil: attach failed errors.
  • AsObjc Runner updated to version 1.9.9.
  • Some code enhanced. No big deal.

v.2.0.1 – 08/05/2012

  • Workaround for « No Matching processes belonging to you were fond »  error.
  • Retina icon.
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation, thanks to Paulo Neto.

v2.0 – 08/01/2012

  • New super cool icon ! Thanks to Benjamin Renaut, aka Nekkotografix ! You can check one of his many blogs here.
  • Improved Japanese translation, thanks to Masataka-san and François Tcheng.
  • Chinese version, thanks to Sébastien L. !
  • The too famous hdiutil error should have been squashed (big mistake from my side, sorry if you got problems with this one).
  • And the Can’t get file « private:tmp:MLDiskIcon512.png error should also be history. Or so I hope. It seems to happen on Macs which use a third-party decompression utility like BetterZip, UnArchiver, Stuffit Deluxe… I now force using Archive Utiltiy in every case. Let me know if it works for you.

v2.0rc3 – 07/27/2012

  • Workaround for many bugs when used with Mac OS X 10.6.X. Now everything should work properly. No more /tmp/ errors !
  • Sometimes the warning dialog displayed a wrong list of disks that may be erased. Though not harmful, could be scary 🙂 Fixed.
  • Sometimes an error message was displayed, saying that ASOBjc Runner could not be found. Fixed.
  • Sometimes the list of disks could be empty. Blame System Events… Fixed.
  • Japanese localization, thanks to François Cheng !
  • Finnish localization, thanks to Teemu Masalin !
Known bugs
  • Sometimes the process dealing with DVD creation can become wonky. Though the disk will work fine, the dialog keeps being displayed. To be fixed in a future release.
  • Still no cool icon. Will happen with the final version.
  • Some translations are incomplete.

v2.0rc2 – 07/24/2012

  • Now signed with Developer ID to make GateKeeper in Mountain Lion happy 🙂
  • Choosing the wrong type of file or a DMG file led to an error. Fixed.
  • On Macs running Mac OS X 10.6.x, the defaults command could not read the path of some temporary file if used with the .plist extension, leading to an error. Fixed.
  • Removed an unnecessary icon in the package.

Known bugs

  • Localizations are not yet completely supported, except for bloody French.
  • The new icon really sucks. Should be temporary, though.

v 2.0rc1 – 07/22/2012

  • Compatible with Mountain Lion! Yeah baby!
  • And still compatible with Lion!
  • No more 4 GB drive support. Time to buy an 8 GB USB thumb drive, people.
  • Now only relying on Spotlight to find the OS X Installer file. It will of course find it if it is in /Applications.
  • You can use the Install OS X application OR the InstallESD.dmg file, if you prefer to keep only this one.
  • Progress bars! Yeah, now the copying process displays progress and the name of currently copied file. AWESOMENESS. I use AsOBjcC-Runner for that (http://www.macosxautomation.com/applescript/apps/runner.html).
  • The process to select the disk to erase is a lot less clunkier. Now all the disks are displayed in a neat list.
  • Before erasing the disk, the dialog eventually displays the volumes that might be erased as well, thus preventing to erase a full disk mistakenly.
  • If you choose an 8 GB disk, the full disk is erase in GPT format, making it easier to boot on it.
  • Now proposes a list of DVD burners (internal, external, USB, Firewire). Should make some people happy.
  • Better burning process. Or I hope. Not much tested though. You’d rather use a USB thumb key, REALLY. Please note that only dual Layer 8,7 GB DVD are supported with Mountain Lion.
  • New Icon! But not great, I hope to have another one soon.
  • New alert sound when Lion DiskMaker has finished… Woohoo! 😉
  • New option to open Startup Disk Preference when the disk is ready.
  • The name of the disk now displays the OS sub-version (i.e. 10.7.4). (Thanks Benoit Widemann 😉 )


  • 4 GB USB drives again compatible with Lion 10.7.3. I had to regain space by not copying AdditionalSpeechVoices.pkg (which is NOT essential) if you choose to use a 4 GB USB thumb drive. Lion DiskMaker will propose to copy AdditionalSpeechVoices.pkg on the Desktop after creating the disk.
  • Now you can use  Lion DiskMaker to create a boot disk without reformating the WHOLE volume. Now, if you use a bigger-than-4-GB disk, only the volume selected to install Lion DiskMaker will be erased. The other volumes will be kept safe.
  • If you use a more-than-4GB drive, the disk will be visible in the Startup control panel, with its real name… but the disk will need to use the GUID partition scheme.
  • More localizations : Lion DiskMaker is now translated in Italian (thanks Nicola Castaman), German (thanks Johannes Huber) and simplified Chinese ((thanks Tommy Yang) !
  • No more timeouts if a dialog is left open and idle, woohoo!


  • Fixed now infamous error -10006 which happened mostly if your Finder displays the full path to a window instead of the name (an option you can activate with third-party system tools or command line).
  • Added 2 localizations:  Spanish (thanks to Fernando Juan-Santos) and Czech (thanks  to Boris Dušek). If you want to help Lion DiskMaker, you can also propose new translations!


  • Removed the Automatic detection of disks. People tend to not read the alert message saying that the whole drive would be erased, so better no detection than bad detection and complaining. You have now to manually select your USB stick or whatever drive by yourself.
  • Added an extra warning message before erasing the disk. Read first paragraph.


  • The infamous « MyDiskName variable not defined » should have been definitely squashed now, hopefully.


  • Fixed the MyDiskName variable problem encountered by many…
  • Fixed English localization not appearing. Sorry English-speaking people who’ve been confronted to French 🙂
  • Changed the language of comments in the script to English.
  • Changed a few variables names to avoid confusion.
  • Now Spotlight looks for the full, literal « Install Mac OS X Lion »  string. Should limit the risk of showing wrong files.
  • A few buttons’ texts have been shortened.


  • Full localization support ! No more different versions for US or French, now the script will use the proper localization automatically according to your’s system language! And if you wish to translate it in another language, please get in touch with me, the job will be VERY easy to do (juste a mere file to translate).
  • Icons in dialog messages. Because, well… I just could.
  • Full support  for InstallESD.dmg files, in case you used this one instead.
  • Smarter choice of eligible disk. Lion DiskMaker  will try to detect if you use a small (less than 8,5 GB), removable drive, and will propose to use it automatically. You’ll still be able to change it though.
  • Utilities folder is now automatically copied at the root of the Install disc, so that you won’t have to search in the subfolders for these tools (especially the Firmware Password Utility…). And yup, its name is automatically localized.
  • When you open the disk, it will look beautiful now ! You will find the « Install Mac OS X Lion » application, Utilities folder, properly aligned with the neat background. Now THAT looks cool! And it has a bonus effect: it appears in the Startup Manager, so you will know you have to choose this one.
  • And because we thought we could make it even cooler… A nice custom icon for your disk ! Won’t work for DVDs, sorry!
  • I also worked-around an issue with Lion DiskMaker failing when a Mac has two DVD drives or more connected to it. Thus, now the first drive considered will always be the first internal one. If you want to use another, just change the needed parameter in the script by opening it with AppleScript Editor.
  • And a few small issues fixed.


  • Automatic detection of Mac OS X Lion Install application using Spotlight. If Spotlight can’t find anything, you can select another folder containing the application.
  • Instead of forcing to use Safari when clicking a web link, LDM respects the user’s choice and uses his prefered web browser.
  • More feedback when creating a boot disk.
  • Suppressed the « USB key » reference for « disk », more generic.
  • More comments in the code. In case you would want, you know, tweak it.


  • Support for 4GB drives.
  • New icon, designed by Emmanuel Mathias (keynote.fr).
  • New donation feature through PayPal.
  • asr has been abandoned in favor of ditto for the copy part.
  • Moved to MBR partition file format to allow 4GB drives support.


  • Hello World. Though it should be  more like « Bonjour France », at this time.

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