DiskMaker X 3.0.1 available

On October 27, 2013, in DiskMaker X, by Guillaume Gète

This is the first fix for DiskMaker X 3.0. You can download it here (4.1 MBs).

It corrects a few outstanding issues:

  • Sometimes the process went fine all along, but the disk did not appear in Startup disk Preference or at startup when pressing the Option key. Fixed. (I explain how just below).
  • If you try to build a Mavericks installer from 10.6.X, you are now warned that it won’t work.
  • I disabled the warning which appeared early stating that a newer version was available. People wondered why it appeared when they had the Installer in their /Applications folder…
  • Better handling of errors when the InstallESD.dmg file is damaged/corrupted.

The first error is interesting, as it happened because my Mac was too fast.

Let me explain. When Lion DiskMaker displays the dialog while it copies the files, it goes through an iteration process, which had worked for years. I arbitrarily put this iteration from 1 to 9999, and it’s been OK for many years.

Usually, when I perform my tests, I connect to my Mac (which has an SSD) an external FireWire 800 drive with an SSD. Full SSD, nice speeds, so that I can perform the tests very fast and don’t loose time in the process. Which worked very well, and is still working at this time. And it makes the tests really improved. And so I never reached the threshold once.

However, Mavericks installer is sensibly bigger than 10.8 or 10.7 installers. So sometimes, if the disk connected is a bit slow, the iteration may 10000. Which makes the dialog disappear… but not the process which is building the disk!

And then, the program does not stop working. It just goes to the next step (copying Utilities folder), and the next, etc.

And finally… Woohoo! Your disk is ready! Except it’s not… and you still have a createinstallmedia process running in background which can prevent removing the disk.

So to improve this, I made the iteration counter go much higher (mainly, 999999) which will be definitely enough for everyone and will not have any impact on performance or compatibility.

If you encountered this bug, try again with version 3.0.1. I’m sure it will work much better for you!

Otherwise… you know where to get in touch!

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