Here comes… DiskMaker X 3.0.2! (UPDATE : NOT)

On November 13, 2013, in Blog, DiskMaker X, Update status, by Guillaume Gète

UPDATE : there is a weird bug with DiskMaker X when running version 3.0.2 and Mavericks. I’m pulling it now, will re-release it in a few hours. Sorry 🙁

Sorry it took so long, everyone ! Lot and lot of work for my other job, so I had to leave DiskMaker X for a few days. Hopefully, the new version is finally out, and it corrects a few outstanding issues. Especially, it failed badly after copying the datas when building a 10.7 or 10.8 disk (though the disk was usable). Not anymore! You can even get a 32 GB disk and format it in 3 partitions or more to have a 10.7/10.8/10.9 installer!

Otherwise, I just cleaned up some code, made a few alerts more understandable, and… that’s it!

You can download the latest version here (DMG, 4,2 MB). As usual, check the FAQ if you encounter some problem.

What’s next ?

Well, probably a 3.0.3 to correct a few bugs. Then, we’ll go straight to 3.1, to provide 10.6 users a way to build a 10.9 installer.

So much stuff to do! By the way, thanks to the many donators, and all people around who provided kind words. It’s just awesome 🙂


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