Lion DiskMaker and Mavericks : yes, it is coming !

On June 17, 2013, in Uncategorized, by Guillaume Gète

If you were still wondering… Yes, Lion DiskMaker will support OS X 10.9 Mavericks !LDM_Mavericks_Support

Don’t fill a bug to tell me that the icons’ titles lack contrast on this background, I already know it.

I’ve got a build running quite nicely at this time, and I hope to ship this beta version later this week. It will support the first Developer Preview of Apple’s next generation OS.

It will also provide a few array of features you will probably enjoy, like :

– Internet update, to let you know when a new version is available ;

– Synchronization : this should be quite neat. Instead of erasing the full disk, LDM will detect if you already used it to build a USB thumb drive and will propose to update the thumb drive with a new version of OS X if it detects one on your hard drive. Should be fun (if it works properly).

However, it will probably delete completely the DVD burning process, as it proved to be flaky at least. Instead, it will propose to build a disk image (DMG file) which you will be able to burn yourself on a dual layer DVD. That should be cool.

Lion Diskmaker 3 will need an 8 GB thumb drive (no support at all for 4 GB).

Now, the big question is : should I keep this name, or change it completely ? That’s a good one…


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