Now that Mavericks is almost there, it’s time to update Lion DiskMaker !

Well, now we're talking !

Well, now we’re talking !

You can download beta 2 with this link (about 5 MB).

This new version is now compatible with the Golden Master (GM) release of  Mac OS X 10.9 aka Mavericks ! It was more difficult than I thought, as Apple changed a lot in the way in the internal organization of the installer app. However, thanks to some of my followers on Twitter (thanks Jean-David), I now have a reliable way to build a bootable disk with Mavericks. No nitty  gritty detail right now, I will take more time later to talk about this.

Some important things to know about this version :

  • Many bugs may lurk around in the dark. Use the default options and everything should be fine.
  • The new “Update an existing disk” feature is not working yet. If you stumble on it, don’t use it.
  • No progress bar while data is copied from the Installer to your USB disk. It will happen for the final version though.
  • I did not test launching Lion DiskMaker from Mavericks itself. Though it should work, prefer a 10.8. machine to build your disk.
  • It’s better at this time to leave the OS X Mavericks Installer in the /Applications folder. But it should work if the disk is somewhere else.
  • Previous versions of Lion DiskMaker allowed to use the InstallESD.dmg extracted from the OS X Install app. Due to internal changes performed by Apple, this is NOT supported anymore. You will need to use the full OS X Mavericks Install application.

As usual, you can provide feedback by mail or on Twitter. I may not have time to directly answer, but I will do my best.

Thanks again for your support !


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