DiskMaker X 5.0.2 available… with a big bug fix !

On January 13, 2016, in Uncategorized, by Guillaume Gète

Since DiskMaker X has been available, I’ve been bothered by a bug that makes any disk created for El Capitan not visible in the Startup Disk preference. I could not find a way to fix it, as it was in fact a bug due to Apple’s createinstallmedia command line tool.

However, today, Eric Knibbe sent me this message on Twitter:

Very exciting! I tested it, and… indeed, it worked! Woohoo!

Finally, all startup disks are really visible !

Finally, all startup disks are really visible !

So there it is :DiskMaker X 5.0.2 is out, and makes your Install disk visible in Startup Disk system preference! I also updated the El Capitan icon to look like a real disk.

You can download this new version here (SHA checksum: d54a232ea5651e52439164e1731ed402d965dc54). Enjoy !

TIP : If you already built an install disk and wish to make it visible, you can do this :

  • Open Terminal;
  • type cd (don’g forget to type a space after the cd command;
  • Drag the OSX Install disk icon in the Terminal window;
  • Press Return;
  • Now, type touch mach_kernel;
  • Press Return
  • Finally type chflags hidden mach_kernel
  • Press Return
  • And… You’re done!


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