Due to a major bug, DiskMaker X b6 has been retired. You can download beta 5 instead here.

Hello there! It’s been a long time, I know… It took me way too much time to provide a new version of DiskMaker X, but finally, here it is, and it should be the last one before the coveted final release.
I tested this new beta in different situations and it seemd to work well. Also, yes, no beta 5: this one was a limited, privately held version distributed to some testers, and it should not be used anymore.

Download DiskMaker X 4 beta 6 (about 7,8 MB)

So, when will the final version be released ? 

Hopefully soon. The last step is the localization, and to provide a bit more feedback in the progress windows. So, nothing critical.

What about El Capitan ?

I did not begin to work on OS X 10.10 installer, and will not provide a way to build an El Capitan boot disk for now. The first releases are for developers only, which should be able to build a boot disk by themselves. However, some managed  to build a boot disk with the latest beta by replacing the name of the installer with the name of El Capitan’s installer. I may provide a beta for the public beta when it’s available though.

Please send your feedback… and enjoy DiskMaker X!


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