Another year, another major release for DiskMaker X! As many people asked if DiskMaker X would support the newest version of OS X… sorry, macOS, the answer is definitely YES!

Download DiskMaker X 6 Release Candidate 3

Shasum : 936a6061e1703be9595a3bf7314d8ada4f07a964

For this release, I did not want initially to change a lot of things, but as one of the components I used is not Sierra-compatible, I had to remove it (goodbye, AsObjcC Runner, you good ol’ friend…) and rely on another process to notify the user of the process. Basically, macOS notifications.

They are short, not taking the biggest part of the screen, and they make IMHO the process of building a macOS Install disk much more pleasant.

Also, I found a way to give better feedback about how far you are in the creation of the drive, so the progress percentage means something almost reliable.

Now, for the bad news: with this release, I had to remove support for older OS. It means you won’t be able to create a Sierra install disk if you are still running Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Good bye big cats! The first OS DiskMaker X 6 will run on is 10.9 (Mavericks). So, it means that if you are still running an OS older than 10.9, you will need first to upgrade to a more recent OS before building your macOS install disk.

As this is a Release Candidate (RC), it means creating an install disk with DiskMaker X can be still not optimized, you may encounter bugs, there are some parts which are not localized yet… but hopefully, you should not encounter big bugs. And you still have backups, don’t you? ^^ If you are a bit scared, wait for the final release, that should happen hopefully quite soon.

Anyway, thanks for your support for DiskMaker X, and if you want to send some feedback, please do so on the Facebook page or follow @liondiskmaker (yeah, I need to change that one…) on Twitter!


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