Diskmaker X 5.0.1 available!

On October 2, 2015, in Uncategorized, by Guillaume Gète

Those of you who happen to have their home folder on another drive than the startup drive encountered an error when building a disk (basically at the beginning of the process). Well, the OS allows it, so why not, eh?

So, here is DiskMaker X 5.0.1 which corrects this bug, and add a few features, especially a bit more logging (useful for me in case of debugging), and new localizations:

  • Turkish, thanks to Sanberk Zülfikar.
  • German, thanks to Ralph Cyranka.

Download DiskMaker X 5.0.1 (6.5 MB)

SHA1 Checksum: d0b4ee82e151fb825274465f0a1bfde22fe8cb86


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