DiskMaker 6 Release Candidate 5 available

On June 11, 2017, in Blog, DiskMaker X, by Guillaume Gète
Hi everyone,
I’m quite late in the game these last months, and I’ve been struggling to udpate DiskMaker X as I wished :-/
For the time being, the latest official release is version 6rc5, that you can get here :
SHA-1 Checksum : a3874cbf1d724ce2c651379151b802c0fab4d367
It’s been a bit published, especially on Twitter, and I expect this version to be stable enough for most users.
I’ve been also quite concerned by the stupid loss of the liondiskmaker dot com domain, now cleverly bought by… Cleverfiles, makers of DiskDrill. Of course this software has nothing to do with DiskMaker X and does not even have the same purpose. But some older versions of DiskMaker X still refer to the old URL for some things, and I’ll have to update them too.
I still have some bug reports for various issues I’ve been unable to easily replicate, sadly (i.e error 10006, and some weird error where the disk says it’s created but it’s not…). But I hope to find the answers soon.
On the good news : it seems that not much has changed under the hood for High Sierra, so I should have a new version of DiskMaker X soon available to test against the beta version, and hopefully everything ready for the final version on day one (if Apple does not happen to change everything…).
Thanks for your support !

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