Lion Diskmaker 3 beta1 available now !

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It’s this time of the year… Yeah, Lion DiskMaker is back to help you tame the newest feline from… WAIT ? NO MORE KITTY ? Oh well…

Anyway, Lion DiskMaker needed to be updated to provide compatibility with OS X 10.9, so here is a very rough build providing not that many new features but one : Mavericks compatiiblity ! You can use Lion DiskMaker to build a 10.9 USB disk provided you’ve  got the 10.9 Developer Preview installer available.

Before you download it, a few things to know :

– This is a VERY early build. Don’t try to click around and try to do dirty things. Stick to the standard path.



You’ve been warned.

– Use it from 10.8 to build a 10.9 install disk. I did not try to use it from Mavericks itself (but you can try though, I would be happy to know if it works fine).

– Put your OS X Installer Developer Preview app in the Applications folder. Don’t rename it or move it around.

– The DVD burning feature has been deleted. It might come back in another form for Maverick’s final release.

– Use an 8 GB thumb drive (or larger). Avoid using your full-of-never-backed-up-but-very-important-stuff Firewire hard drive

-Please, send back any bug you encountered to : ldm at gete dot net. I won’t answer anyone, but I will try to take care of your comments.

– Localizations are not implemented at this time. Only English is supported.

Thanks for helping me to build the best Lion DiskMaker ever !

And now, for the download link !

ZIP file, 6 MB. It has been digitally signed to use with OS X.

Enjoy ! And don’t forget to send your bug reports !


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