Thanks to…

  • Laurent Pertois and Nicolas Furno for their help and precious tests!
  • Emmanuel Mathias ( who designed the original Lion DiskMaker icon.
  • Benjamin Renaut, aka Nekkotografix for designing the different icons since V2. You can check one of his many blogs here
  • Stéphane Sudre ( who helped me with application signing and US localization
  • Boris Dušek: Czech translation.
  • Fernando Juan-Santos: Spanish translation.
  • Tommy Yang: Chinese translation.
  • Nicolas Castaman: Italian translation.
  • François Cheng and Masataka-san: Japanese translation
  • Teemu Masalin: Finnish translation
  • Sébastien L.: Chinese version
  • Paulo Neto: Brazilian Portuguese translation.
  • Sanberk Zülfikar: Turkish translation.
  • Ralph Cyranka: German translation.
  • Jeroen van Keulen: Dutch translation.

This post is also available in: French

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