DiskMaker 3.0.4 is out !

On February 4, 2014, in Uncategorized, by Guillaume Gète

Sorry for being a bit lazy these last months… So no new big feature for this release, but a few bug fixes, especially a bug (error -10006) which happens at the end of the process (it seemed to touch especially non-English or non-French users).

Also, this release adds a few more localizations:

  • Spanish, thanks to Fernando-Juan Santos;
  • German, thanks to  Léo Pittoni;
  • Italian, thanks to Nicola Castaman;
  • Japanese, thanks to Masa Taka;
  • Brazilian Portuguese, thanks to Paulo Neto.

Many thanks to all these wonderful translators, and if you want to translate DiskMaker X, please get in touch by mail or through Twitter.

For the future… I will try to work on DiskMaker X in the next week to finally introduce the compatibility between Mavericks and Mac OS X 10.6.X. It takes longer than I thought though…

Also, DiskMaker X is particulartly bad for one thing : error management! And I know that Applescript error messages can be a bit… scary. So, I’ll try to better catch errors and provide better error messages in the future. Not that easy though…



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